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With numerous bubble tea shops popping up in Baton Rouge recently, the Red Stick is about to acquire yet another one,

Boba Partea.

Located on 2515 O’Neal Lane, Suite 9 in the the O’Neal Crossing shopping center, this newest venture will made the extra drive well worth it. 

When the Boba Partea owner, Van Nguyen moved here a few years ago, she noticed a lack of place-to-go in Baton Rouge. She researched and come up the idea opening the bakery and tea shop. After one year working hard,
Boba Partea where everyday can be a “partea”, was borned.

Not just your typical boba-tea shop, Boba Partea will focus on freshly brewed tea and fruit teas. Van will also be incorporating pastries in-house such as danish, sweet bread, savory bread and puff pastry. Vietnamese bake goods will be included on the menu. With the freshly baked bread made daily, our breads will never let anyone down. 

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